Vonovia Services

Our service philosophy

For us − Vonovia – means service, being there for our tenants. In other words, we are approachable - whether personally in the neighbourhoods, by telephone or by e-mail. Service also means to us: we listen properly to our tenants. Because that is the best foundation for finding and implementing sustainable solutions. Another service component is “transparency”. What that means for us? Quite simply: we make what we do public. We provide support in all residential matters, by showing options and making complicated issues comprehensible.

Background to service-based thinking

Residential property management: your property is in good hands with us

Property ownership is demonstrably one of the safest investments. Either you live in the property yourself or you let it as a capital investment. With our subject experts from the field of real estate trust, we take care of the proper management of your owners’ association and show you, for example, how you can save money in energy supply. 

You’ll find more information on our website www.vonovia-immobilientreuhand.de

Service for tenants
In everything we do, we think sustainably. It is important to us that the next generations also inherit a homely environment. For this reason, we are keen to strengthen the community, to renovate the housing estates energetically and thus to create a green and attractive environment. With this, we have taken a challenging path, but the first step has already been taken.

We attach great importance to recognising and reacting to requirements – in all residential matters. We take action where necessary and, wherever possible, with foresight. We see ourselves as contact partners and service providers for our tenants. Therefore, we provide them with general information and advise them personally on all residential matters. We are happy to answer your questions.