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How Vonovia is providing sustainable housing

Wohnen mit Zukunft bei Vonovia

Demographic change: the main theme is age-appropriate housing

At Vonovia, the needs of the tenants are central. When these change, it is time for us to act. Such a change can currently be observed: Germany’s population is getting older. A study by the Federal Statistical Office got to the bottom of this issue.

Accordingly, in 2015 our population was around 81.1 million. 21 percent are 65 and older. By 2030, the proportion of people of retirement age will already amount to 28 percent. That’s around 22.2 million people.

As a responsible landlord, we draw various conclusions from this development. First, we see that the demand for age-appropriate housing is increasing. We have taken a clear position on this.

Staying in familiar surroundings. Our main aim here, is to enable older people to live a self-determined life in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible. The conversion to barrier-free, age-appropriate housing is one of the most important steps here. This may include, for example, levelling thresholds and steps or broadening passages. In the bathroom, for example, a floor-level shower or wheelchair-accessible basin would make life easier for mobility-impaired persons. With the planned - and in some cases already implemented - conversion measures to senior-friendly housing, we enable our long-term tenants to continue living where they feel at home.

Find out more about the self-conception of Vonovia.

Wohnen mit Zukunft bei Vonovia
Vonovia bietet altengerechte Wohnungen

Demand for housing

How many flats will we need in the future? The trend is towards households with ever fewer people. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, we are growing older and the number of elderly households is increasing. Added to this are changed family structures. As a housing association, we meet these trends by providing the appropriate flats.

Neighbourhood development for senior citizens

Do you have to leave your own cherished four walls when you grow old? We do a lot to ensure that our tenants can stay living with us in their old age. Elderly people who make a conscious decision to stay in their own homes have specific demands on their environment. Healthy social structures in the neighbourhood and easily local amenities are especially important for them. The settlement of small shops in the immediate neighbourhood is a concern for us.  

Especially when people become restricted in their mobility, neighbourly help is a great asset. We therefore consider it important to promote social interaction in our housing estates. Communal space, intercultural projects or language courses are some of our contributions to this. In order to provide our elderly tenants with the assistance they need to live independently, we cooperate with care services and social facilities. This takes us a good deal closer to achieving our goal of providing a comfortable home for all generations. 

Energy-efficient renovation in the Vonovia neighbourhoods

A central aspect of our investment programme is the energetic modernisation of flats. Efficient building insulation is one of the most important instruments when it comes to achieving the required energy transition.  

In addition, the aim of energy-saving renovations is to noticeably and sustainably reduce the additional costs. We are very pleased to provide our tenants with this advantage! 

Challenge: energy transition

There is hardly any way to reduce CO2 emissions in residential buildings as effectively as through targeted construction and sanitation measures to save energy. Through its modernisation projects in 2013, for example, Vonovia achieved a CO2 reduction of around 5,000 tonnes. Thus, the CO2 emissions were almost halved within a year.  

However, the goal is also to carry out energy-efficient renovations so effectively and efficiently that the energy transition remains affordable for our customers. In addition, these measures increase the tenants’ living quality and reduce energy costs in the long term.
Wohnen mit Zukunft

Efficiency is especially good when the customer feels the benefits

We are responsible for ensuring that our customers can afford their rent. Before and after a modernisation. We modernise efficiently with our own craftsmen, and due to our size, at favourable conditions. We pass on these advantages one to one to our tenants. Vonovia takes the local situation into account and, in many cases, consciously does not charge the legal maximum of 11 percent, so as not to financially overburden the tenants. Thanks to the efficient processes, the service is good and the conversion remains affordable. Compared to a conventional conversion solution via the market, the costs are up to 50% lower. In this way, we ensure that our rental rates remain favourable and stable in the future - even in urban centres.
Wohnen mit Zukunft
Shape the future

Vonovia invests in living space for the future

In order to provide sustainable housing, above all two factors have to be taken into account: demographic change and energy requirements. Senior citizens should be able to stay in their homes as long as possible. The energy supply as well as the buildings should be climate friendly – for a future worth living. Find out more about sustainable living at Vonovia!