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Vonovia assumes responsibility

There are few subjects that are more fundamental to the everyday lives of people, than that of accommodation. And for a simple reason: everyone needs a home where they feel comfortable – and
as a rule, not just for a few weeks, but for years, or even decades. Due to this long-term basis, the subject of sustainability is especially important in the residential sector.

As Germany’s largest housing association with over 395,600 flats and around a million customers, we have a particular responsibility towards our customers but also towards society and our shareholders. To fulfil this responsibility, we incorporate economic, environmental and social aspects in our business decisions. We grapple with developments and trends and communicate extensively with various stakeholders. In this way, we are able to make decisions that work in the long term and ensure the future viability of our company.


More about sustainability

Quarters Development

Vonovia developes neighbourhoods

A good living environment goes far beyond your own four walls. A comfortable home includes the estate as well as the whole neighbourhood. We therefore attach great importance to creating a good living environment for our tenants. That’s why we invest: in the energy efficient renovation of the residential buildings and in the creation of a safe, relaxing and green environment.


Contact Sustainability

Jonathan Przybylski Referent Nachhaltigkeit Universitätsstraße 133   44803 Bochum
Sustainability report

Vonovia publishes its Sustainability Report 2019