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Quarters development

The most comfortable and attractive living environment for the neighborhoods

A good living environment goes far beyond your own four walls. A comfortable home includes the estate as well as the whole neighbourhood. We therefore attach great importance to creating a good living environment for our tenants. That’s why we invest: in the energy efficient renovation of the residential buildings and in the creation of a safe, relaxing and green environment.

For the best result, we work closely with our tenants, the respective town council and other relevant groups. Together, we give each neighbourhood the “finishing touch” that makes it the comfortable and attractive living environment you deserve.

Creating living space together

Vonovia Tenants creating their own community
Vonovia Tenants creating their own community
Good community living is based on understanding, consideration and space for encounters. For Vonovia it is important to create this framework so as to promote the community in the neighbourhoods. Green areas with playgrounds are therefore just as much a part of our estates as is comfortable outdoor seating. Here our tenants can take a break, enjoy the sun and relax.

People of different origins live in our housing estates. We see this as an enrichment and promote intercultural encounters – for example through neighbourhood festivities or clubs in the area. Not just nationalities come together: when many people live together, this also means that different generations converge. We therefore also consider it our responsibility to meet the needs of each age group. The proximity to shopping facilities and the good traffic connections of our estates benefit all. In addition, we offer children the freedom they want and give older tenants the support they need.

Because we believe that personal satisfaction is the basis for good coexistence.

Families welcome

Flats, playgrounds and activities for children are waiting to be discovered! At Vonovia, family is writ large: our youngest tenants can play to their hearts’ content at over 1,500 playgrounds throughout Germany. But not only our outdoor facilities are the right size: for us it is a matter of course that families are provided with affordable accommodation with enough rooms

We promote families comprehensively, for example through projects such as “Familiensinn”, which provide helpful benefits for many people. It is particularly important to us to create an enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment for our smallest tenants. That is why we promote children’s day-care centres, schools and sports clubs close to the residential areas – so family life can centre around the immediate home environment!

Vonovia unterstützt Familien

Vonovia acts

In Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf, for example, we were able to solve an acute shortage of care. Here, we provided a flat free of basic rent for five years to support up to ten children under three years. Two child care workers employed by us look after the children there lovingly and close to their homes, until their parents pick them up again.

Modernisations: fundamental for neighbourhood development

Comprehensive neighbourhood development starts with well-kept and contemporary estates. That is why we are investing extensively in the energy-efficient renovation of the residential buildings. They are provided – if necessary – with new heating systems and insulation.

We are also continuing to invest in the development of flats for the elderly with, for example, wider doors or adapted bathrooms. In the course of the modernisations, the estates are also being upgraded. This includes a fresh coat of paint as well as modernised outdoor facilities and playgrounds.