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Unternehmenszentrale Vonovia
About us

Vonovia presents itself

We are Germany’s leading real estate company. Vonovia is Germany’s first housing association to be included in the DAX-30 index. To be leading not only means for us that our company owns 395,600 homes in all attractive towns and regions throughout Germany. Being a market leader is inextricably linked to responsibility – responsibility for the roughly one million people who are at home with us. 

Vonovia arose from the merger of Deutsche Annington and GAGFAH. Both companies have their roots in non-profitmaking residential construction. We reflect this by offering our tenants good and affordable living space. In the neighbourhoods, we don’t just act as a landlord. Rather, we see ourselves as a service provider which offers its tenants customer-oriented residential services. 

Thus, our property managers in the estates are helpful contact partners and take care of the various concerns of our customers. For this, they are on the job every day in “their” neighbourhood. We not only want to be close to the customer, but also close to our housing stock. We carry out odd jobs and major repairs – from replacing a basin to renovating a block of flats – promptly and from a single source! The handiwork is provided by our own craftsmen’s organisation, Vonovia’s Technical Service. Alongside maintenance and small repairs, our craftsmen also carry out, for example, energetic modernisations as well as the conversion of our property stock for our elderly residents.

Background to the company Vonovia

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We are a contact person and service provider for our customers. Our property managers on site and our own craftsmen’s organisation, Vonovia’s Technical Service, ensure that our tenants’ needs are dealt with promptly, reliably and without complications. This is an important component in insuring that customers feel well looked after in their living environment. Because the satisfaction of our tenants is at the centre of our actions.

Good living also means contemporary living. Investing in the energy efficient renovation of our residential developments is therefore a current concern for us which we are already working on. We want our tenants to benefit from the advantages of energy efficient housing. In addition, we take into account the growing need for age-appropriate housing, by converting a large number of flats accordingly.

For Vonovia, our responsibility as a landlord does not end at the front door. Vonovia takes on responsibility for whole residential districts. That means we invest in good neighbourhoods, the coexistence of people from different cultures, and climate protection. Together with our social projects, in this way, comfortable and attractive neighbourhoods are created.
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Executive Board

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Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board of Vonovia