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About us

Introducing Vonovia

As a housing company, Vonovia is at the heart of society. That is why our activities never only have an economic perspective, but always a social perspective. We are very aware of our special role: As a service provider and provider of housing for around one million people, we focus on our customers and their needs. This is why we maintain the fabric of our buildings and play an active role in shaping our neighborhoods. This is also why we strive to ensure contemporary housing and develop services that enhance the quality of life. For this reason, we are also involved in the most important social task at the moment: the construction of new apartments.

The Vonovia philosophy

gut wohnen bei Vonovia
gut wohnen bei Vonovia

Good quality of life also means modern living. Investments in the energetic renovation of our residential complexes are therefore a current concern for us, which is already in full swing. We want our tenants to benefit from the advantages of energetically renovated living spaces. In addition, we are also responding to the increasing demand for age-appropriate living space by converting a large number of apartments to meet this demand.

For Vonovia, responsibility as a landlord does not end at the front door. Vonovia assumes responsibility for entire residential neighborhoods. This means that we invest in good neighborhoods, the coexistence of people from different cultures and in climate protection. Together with our social projects, we truly create neighborhoods worth living in.


Technical service

Not only do we want to be close to our customers, we also want to be close to our portfolios. Small and large craft services – from the replacement of a washbasin to the refurbishment of an apartment building – are provided promptly and from a single source! Our in-house craftsman organization, Vonovia's Technical Service, takes care of all technical work. In addition to maintenance and minor repairs, our craftsmen also carry out energetic modernizations, for example, as well as the senior-friendly conversion of our real estate holdings.

The Technical Service is part of Vonovia as a service provider for craftsman services. Nationwide, we carry out maintenance work and minor repairs quickly, reliably and professionally within a few days and renovate apartments.In addition, we develop our portfolio for a climate-neutral future and create new living space.



Site management

Our site managers are an important element when it comes to customer satisfaction. They are helpful contacts in the housing estates and take care of the various concerns of our customers. This is an important element in ensuring that our customers feel well cared for in their living environment. After all, the satisfaction of our tenants is at the heart of everything we do.

Employee Vonovia

Residential environment services

Vonovia's residential environment service manages all the open spaces in our own properties. With our own employees in the residential environment service sector and our partner companies throughout Germany, we provide services in the classical maintenance of open spaces, as well as for major projects and new construction in the garden and landscaping sector.

We also train employees at many of our locations and invest in the further expansion of our own Vonovia residential environment locations.

Employee Vonovia


Vonovia customer service

Vonovia's customer service is responsible for ensuring that our customers are satisfied customers. In our service centers in Essen and Dresden, our employees handle the some 4 million inquiries from our existing customers that reach us every year. Customer satisfaction is an elementary cornerstone of the Group's strategy.

Executive Board

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Supervisory Board

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