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Annual General Meeting

Vonovia SE: Annual General Meeting Approves a Dividend of € 1.44 per Share

  • Annual General Meeting approves a dividend of € 1.44 per share
  • Vonovia once again offers a scrip dividend
  • The Vonovia Code emphasizes social responsibility
  • Personnel matter: Arnd Fittkau appointed to the Management Board

Bochum, May 16, 2019 – Today’s Annual General Meeting of Vonovia SE (“Vonovia”) approved all resolutions proposed by the Supervisory Board and Management Board by the required majority. The actions of the Management Board (99.64 % of votes) and Supervisory Board (97.39 %) were formally approved for the 2018 fiscal year by large majorities.

The shareholders followed the proposal of both bodies to distribute a dividend of € 1.44 per share for the 2018 fiscal year, which represents an increase of € 0.12 from the previous year. This year, the company is once again offering the option of a stock dividend in addition to the traditional scrip dividend.

“Vonovia dedicates itself not only to the shareholder value approach – the company is constantly progressing, while placing the focus equally on its shareholders, tenants and employees,” said Jürgen Fitschen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, to an audience of 503 shareholders and guests in Bochum. As a result, 73.25 percent of the share capital was represented.

“I thank our shareholders for their trust and sustained support,” said Rolf Buch, Chief Executive Officer of Vonovia SE. In his review of the successful 2018 fiscal year, he also highlighted the responsibility that the residential real estate company has for about a million tenants. “Our activities are never focused exclusively on financial aspects, but also always take social factors into account.”

To complement the German Corporate Governance Code, which contains the rules of good and responsible corporate governance for listed companies, Vonovia recently committed itself to its own binding business philosophy for how the company will conduct itself in the future. An excerpt: “We build affordable apartments as quickly as possible as soon as we have obtained building permits. We do not speculate. We conduct high-quality modernization. But afterwards, we never increase the rents by more than € 2.00 per square meter. We convert every third apartment that is relet to be senior-friendly. We support climate protection. We communicate with our tenants as partners and equals. Our rent prices are based on standard local rents or rent tables. We promote a sense of community. We create space for social institutions, for diversity and for neighborhood life.”

At the end of the Annual General Meeting, Klaus Freiberg left the Management Board of Vonovia. “I would like to thank Klaus Freiberg personally and on behalf of my Management Board colleagues for his steadfast cooperation over the past few years. He is directly associated with key strategic moves toward the company’s customer-oriented focus. His considerable personal commitment, his flair for picking up on social trends and his enterprising initiative have prepared Vonovia to rise to the challenges posed by the residential property market. I am very pleased that he will continue to provide us with his advice in the future.” In place of Klaus Freiberg, Arnd Fittkau, previously chief representative at Vonovia, was appointed to the Management Board for the Rental segment.

The Supervisory Board of Vonovia SE: Jürgen Fitschen (Chairman), Prof. Edgar Ernst (Deputy Chairman), Burkhard Ulrich Drescher, Vitus Eckert, Dr. Florian Funck, Dr. Ute Geipel-Faber, Daniel Just, Hildegard Müller, Prof. Klaus Rauscher, Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Clara-Christina Streit and Christian Ulbrich.
With the appointment of Arnd Fittkau, the Management Board of Vonovia SE is comprised as follows: Rolf Buch, CEO, Helene von Roeder, CFO, Arnd Fittkau and Daniel Riedl, who is responsible for business development and Austria.
The detailed voting results of the Annual General Meeting will be published at http://investoren.vonovia.de/hv.

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