Living with a future

On the German housing market, demand for housing – especially in conurbations – is clearly exceeding supply. The result is housing shortages and rising rents. At the same time, new construction is lagging behind housing demand despite rising completion figures, especially in metropolitan regions.

Vonovia wants to combat this trend and above all offer affordable housing through efficiency and economies of scale and relieve the housing markets by building new apartments. This is the only way to ease the pressure on the housing markets. For this reason, Vonovia continuously invests in the expansion of its residential portfolio through new buildings and acquisitions and offers conditions that are in some cases – as in Berlin – well below the local comparative rents for new rentals.

We invest in our portfolio

The quality of our properties

The quality and structural condition of our apartments are of great importance to us. Only if our tenants are able to enjoy a safe and healthy life in their apartments and have a high quality of life will we be able to retain them in the long term and lead Vonovia successfully into the future.

On the one hand, we define the quality of our properties as their good structural condition. This includes all issues relating to maintenance and modernization. In addition to increasing the residential value and attractiveness of our properties, we are also particularly concerned with the health of our tenants, whom we support, for example, through the use of environmentally compatible materials or the elimination of pollutants.

On the other hand, the quality of the portfolio also includes issues relating to the residential environment. The aim is to increase people's sense of well-being and safety by creating bright, friendly outdoor areas that are as free as possible of air pollutants and noise emissions.

Modular construction
Modular construction

New modular construction

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2016) is the decisive factor in our new building projects with regard to their energy efficiency. With intelligent construction methods, we often fall well below the basic standard specified by the EnEV by up to 10 %, e.g. through the wood panel construction method, core insulation or the use of solar thermal and PV systems. As a standard, we focus on module and prefabricated construction, which enables us to commission large-volume pre-production in the factory. This enables us to save energy and resources during production.


Changing housing needs

The increasing change in housing needs is presenting the housing industry with the task of adapting living space – especially existing ones - to meet changing needs. At the same time, as the German population is aging, demand is rising due to a growing number of one- to two-person households.

This development increases the need for corresponding housing for smaller households. Many of these dwellings need low-barrier equipment and access in order to enable older people to stay in their dwellings as long as possible.


Senior tenant from Vonovia
Senior tenant from Vonovia

Low-barrier conversions

Vonovia aims to meet the challenges of demographic change through new construction and refurbishment. In principle, our new buildings are built with low barriers above and beyond the legal requirements; in the case of modernization measures in existing apartments, we examine the respective potential for removing barriers. Our measures also include communal areas, e.g. by widening entrances to buildings or using separate parking areas to ensure that our tenants can safely park their walkers as well as similar equipment.