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Gas Price Cap: These Relief Measures are Planned


1. Credit for Gas and District Heating Customers

As a short-term measure, the government has decided that gas and district heating suppliers will issue credit to their customers based on the amount of their advance payment for December 2022. This credit will be issued to Vonovia as the landlord. Vonovia will automatically deduct this amount from the next ancillary expense bill that you receive in 2023.

The relief will be financed from federal funds.

2. Gas/Heating Price Cap

As further relief, the German government wants to cap the price of gas/heat to 80% of users’ consumption, based on last year’s levels. This will begin in March, with retroactive effect from January 1, 2023. Prices will be capped at 12 cents (gross) per kilowatt hour for gas and 9.5 cents (gross) per kilowatt hour for heat. The remaining 20 percent of consumption will be charged at the current market price.

 Use Less, Save More

Though these measures will help counteract the high prices, you can also contribute by reducing your consumption and thus your costs. You can find easy and effective energy-saving tips at

You can also adjust your prepayment amount at any time in the Mein Vonovia app.


Relief Measures for our Green Energy and Gas Customers

Do you purchase gas and electricity directly from Vonovia? You can find information about emergency relief for December and how the government support measures apply to you here.

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